NAIS Data and Analysis for School Leadership (DASL)

Comparing your school's figures to other schools' information can help you set goals, assess your progress, and make data-driven decisions.

DASL is an online tool independent schools can use to find actionable data related to all aspects of their school operations, including admission, enrollment, salaries, and more. A collaboration of more than 40 associations, DASL is the independent school community's repository of clean, comprehensive, usable data.

In DASL, you can run benchmarking reports to compare your schools' figures to national or regional figures, or to the customized comparison group of schools that you choose.

Antitrust Policy: Schools and their authorized users are prohibited from using DASL data in ways that would violate federal or state antitrust laws. Schools and their authorized users are prohibited from using DASL data to facilitate an express or implied agreement between themselves and other schools.


The DASL Data Collection 

The data collection is conducted to collect key comprehensive independent school data on a variety of topics. Because this is a collaborative effort, it will reflect standard definitions shared by all DASL associations and collect data for participating associations in one place.

What this collaboration means:

  • Fewer data collections. When you put your data in DASL, it will go to many of the organizations to which your school belongs.
  • Shorter data collection. Based on characteristics you provide, your school will see only the questions relevant to you. For example, girls’ schools will not be asked for boys’ enrollment.
  • More choices. You have the option of downloading an Excel template into which you can enter your data, then upload the file to DASL, confirm your data populated correctly, and finalize your entry.
  • Faster system. DASL is on the cloud, with state-of-the art security and speed.

2024-2025 DASL Data Entry Schedule

DASL Foundation Data (such as salaries, advancement, enrollment, etc.)
  • DASL Foundation Data Entry Opens: June 12
  • DASL Foundation Data Entry Deadline: October 18 at 4:00 PM ET
  • DASL Foundation Data Scrubbing: October 19-November 19
  • DASL Foundation Data Released in DASL: November 20
DASL Financial Operations (data like balance sheets, revenues, expenses, etc.)
  • DASL Financial Operations Data Entry Opens: June 12
  • DASL Financial Operations Data Entry Deadline: November 22 at 4:00 PM ET
  • DASL Financial Operations Data Scrubbing Begins: November 23
  • DASL Financial Operations Data Released in DASL: DASL reports are typically available for your use one month after each data entry period has closed.

More Information

  • Click here to see a few tips to help set you up for success this year! 
  • Click here to register for DASL Data Entry webinars and watch recordings.

NAIS Member Access

The chart below highlights the DASL Insights benefits that are available to NAIS members. Interested in NAIS membership? Learn more and apply
  NAIS Members NAIS Nonmembers
DASL Benchmark Report Builder Full access to all data from all  1,800+ schools contributing to DASL. Limited access to data only from schools in state or regional organizations you belong to that are also DASL partners
DASL Databook  
DASL Dashboards  
Custom Comparison Groups for Easy Reporting Ability to include schools from across the country in custom comparison groups. Ability to group only schools from state or regional organizations you belong to that are also DASL partners
Custom DASL Salary Reports  
Market View  
Statistical Tables
*Your head or business manager must grant you permission to access DASL. Watch this video to learn more.

DASL Insights Benefits

DASL Benchmark Report Builder

Use DASL Benchmark Report Builder to create the exact report you need to jumpstart an important leadership discussion at your school. Select the data points to compare, choose the comparison school group, and make any adjustments (e.g., cost of living or inflation). Save the report to use again.
Reports > >  > Report Queries

DASL Databook

DASL Databook makes preparing for your presentation or leadership discussion easy. In just three clicks, create a comprehensive 35-page report full of tables and charts. Visualize how your school compares to others in such key areas as Student Ratios, Admission Funnel Statistics, and more.

DASL Dashboards

If you are looking to lead a discussion or presentation on a particular topic area, start with DASL Dashboards. In this extensive library of charts, you’ll find pre-configured topical dashboards in such key areas as School Affordability, Diversity, and Admissions. Just select your comparison group, geographic area, and date range, and you’ll generate charts you can save as images or import into Excel.
Reports > >  > Dashboards

DASL Custom Comparison Group Builder

DASL Custom Comparison Group Builder lets you choose the exact schools to which you will compare your school. Search for specific schools by name; or search for schools that meet very specific criteria (by region, gender, grade level, budget, and so forth). Now use the comparison groups you’ve made to enrich all of the reporting you do in DASL.
Reports > >  > Dashboards > > > Customize Charts > > > Comparison Groups

Custom DASL Reports

Have a big presentation coming up? Use a Custom DASL Report to quickly generate a report filled with comparative data. A growing library of these custom reports include such key areas as Employee Salaries, Rate of Change of Key Operational Indicators, and Student and Employee Diversity. Save the report as a PDF or Excel file. 
Reports > >  > Tables > > > Custom Reports (Select NAIS for Association and General)

NAIS Market View

Use Market View, an easy-to-use data visualization tool powered by DASL Insights, to make more informed enrollment decisions. Upload addresses for your current and prospective families to see on a map where you are attracting families and where you might have room for growth. Also explore five-year demographic and economic trends in your community and metro area.

NAIS Statistical Tables

Get an independent school data overview with NAIS Statistical Tables. Originally known as the National Tables, these reports display summary data across all DASL schools. Export any of the 150 tables to PDF or Excel.

If you have questions, please contact us through our Help Center or call (202) 973-9700.