Independent School

  • Fall 2023

    With so much disruption in education these past few years and increased attention from parents on kids’ schooling, there have been a lot of questions about what’s going on in schools. This collective and renewed focus on education has brought renewed focus to an important question: What is the purpose of school? In the Fall 2023 issue of Independent School magazine, we seek to explore the purpose of education and independent schools. 

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  • Summer 2023

    Boards of trustees are the backbone of our schools, and they need to be high-functioning for schools to thrive and succeed. But with so much change and having operated in crisis mode for the past few years, it’s prime time for a reset and to take a fresh look at what good governance looks like today. In the Summer 2023 issue, we explore the state of governance and what’s ahead.

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  • Spring 2023

    In every issue, we strive to cultivate conversation and community. After a few years of tumult and burnout, we’re doubling down on that in the Spring 2023 issue. This issue aspires to offer a reflective pause and inspiration, bringing together a wide variety of voices and perspectives on what it means to be a community and the importance of it.

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