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  • Summer 2024

    College admission is more fraught than ever, schools and families are struggling to make sense of the changing landscape, the kids are not all right, and we’re all to some extent complicit. It’s time to change the narrative around college admission and prioritize student health and well-being. In the Summer 2024 issue of Independent School magazine, we explore the myths, what students are saying, how schools can help mitigate the stress and anxiety, and more.

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  • Spring 2024

    Employees across all sectors—including in education—are frustrated, burned-out, and seeking higher pay and greater work-life balance. This, combined with a nationwide teacher shortage and cost-of-living increases, is making it challenging for many schools to recruit, hire, and retain qualified staff. So, how can independent schools address faculty and staff expectations and become a workplace of choice? What will it take to bolster our teaching and leadership pipelines? And how can schools support employees in ways that ultimately benefit students and independent school sustainability? We explore these questions and more in the Spring 2024 issue of Independent School magazine.

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  • Winter 2024

    Independent schools are often viewed as wealthy institutions that serve a wealthy clientele. But not all schools are well-resourced, and almost all independent schools serve families from a broad range of socioeconomic backgrounds. This is not news. But it’s time again to examine these ideas and perceptions through a current lens. In the Winter 2024 issue of Independent School magazine, we explore the many ways money is embedded in schools.

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