NAIS Board of Trustees

The NAIS Board of Trustees, currently composed of 16 individuals (and no less than 12), addresses its fiduciary, strategic, and generative duties, led by the officers and the Executive Committee. The full board meets three times a year: in November, in late February or early March, and again in June. The board has four standing committees and one subcommittee.

The NAIS Board of Trustees is committed to diversity and actively seeks those belonging to underrepresented populations.

Selection of Trustees and Call for Nominations

The NAIS Board of Trustees generally issues a call for nominations each July for a class of trustees that will serve a three-year term commencing at the following year’s NAIS Annual Meeting. After reviewing all of the nominations with the board’s strengths and needs in mind, the Governance Committee puts forth a slate of candidates. Members vote on this slate at the NAIS Annual Meeting, which takes place during the NAIS Annual Conference.  

The call for nominations for the NAIS Board of Trustees’ Class of 2027 will open on Wednesday, July 26, 2023, and will close at 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday, September 29, 2023. 

NAIS Trustee Nomination Process

The candidate must complete the Board Candidate Submission Form, which includes educational background, statements of interest, demographic information, and professional affiliations. We ask that you attach your resume and a letter of reference in support of your nomination. 
The Governance Committee reviews all complete nominations and makes recommendations to the full board at its November meeting. The slate is then approved by the membership at the NAIS Annual Meeting of Members at the NAIS Annual Conference.

Criteria for the Class of 2027 (to be elected in February 2024)

When considering candidates for the NAIS Board of Trustees, the Governance Committee is seeking heads of schools and CEOs of relevant organizations who are actively engaged with the numerous dynamic opportunities on the changing landscape of independent schools (examples: workforce trends, financial modeling, and change management) as well as those serving as school trustees and people who have come to independent school headship from other industries.

We are committed to creating an inclusive board of trustees, and encourage people of any gender identity, people of color, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community to apply. The committee will consider factors such as school/organization size, school composition, and geographic region.

Steps for Submitting Nominations (All Steps Must Be Completed by September 29)

1. To Submit a Nomination for Yourself: 
  • Complete and submit your Board Candidate Submission Form. The form includes the following sections: contact information; demographic information; comments on your interest in serving on the board; and key skills and professional affiliations. We also ask that you attach your resume and one letter of recommendation in support of your nomination.
  • Reminder: Note that only those nominations that are complete by September 29 will be taken into consideration and will be reviewed by the NAIS Governance Committee. Complete nominations must include a Board Candidate Submission Form (submitted by the candidate) with a reference letter and resume. 
2. To Submit a Nomination for Someone Else:
  • Submit a nomination. The candidate will receive an email from NAIS, notifying them about the nomination for the NAIS board. The email will encourage them to complete the Board Candidate Submission Form.
  • Nomination: Note that your nomination is simply a nomination, and it will not serve as a reference for the candidate. If the candidate wishes you to be their reference, please send the candidate a reference letter that they can attach to their form. If the candidate you're nominating is not interested in being considered to serve on the NAIS Board of Trustees, no further action is required.
3. Timetable for the NAIS Board Nomination and Election Process
  • July: The call for nominations opens. 
  • September: September 29 is the deadline to complete the Board Candidate Submission Form. If you are nominating someone else, please keep this final deadline in mind and submit the nominee form ahead of this date.  
  • November: After reviewing candidates for the Class of 2027, the NAIS Governance Committee proposes a slate of new trustees to the NAIS Board. The Board votes on the slate.
  • February: At the NAIS Annual Meeting of Members, held during the NAIS Annual Conference, the NAIS membership will elect the Class of 2027 trustees and officer slates.
If you have any questions concerning the NAIS Board of Trustees nomination process, please contact Erica Zematis at [email protected].


For questions about the NAIS Board of Trustees, please contact Michael Nachbar, chair of the Governance Committee and executive director, Global Online Academy, at [email protected], or Morva McDonald, NAIS vice president of leadership and governance, at [email protected].