NAIS Inclusive Schools Network Institute (ISNI)

NAIS Inclusive Schools Network Institute

Registration for the 2024 NAIS Inclusive Schools Network Institute (ISNI) is now closed.

2024 NAIS Inclusive Schools Network Institute (Online)
June 10, 11, 13, and 14
(12:00 PM ET to 3:00 PM ET each day)

Every day we see more independent schools seeking effective ways to address the increasing gender diversity across the K–12 experience. Administrators and teachers are being called on to engage, educate, and support all students and families in understanding gender identity and expression, and to respond when gender-nonconforming students are teased, bullied, or harassed. Schools that implement gender-inclusive practices reinforce their commitment to diversity and enhance campus climate and well-being. 

To support this work, NAIS is pleased to partner with Welcoming Schools, a national leader in creating gender-inclusive and positively responsive environments for all children and teens. This four-day institute is organized to guide school leaders in using a framework for creating a gender inclusive school. 


Cultivating communities of belonging requires a systemic approach to managing and leveraging the dynamics difference. This institute is open to all educators who are interested in creating more gender inclusivity in their schools and who have institutional support to do so. This includes but is not limited to: 

  • Heads of school 
  • Division-level administrators              
  • Counselors, psychologists, and nurses 
  • Diversity and equity professionals 
  • K–12 classroom teachers 
  • Athletic directors, coaches, and physical education teachers 
  • Early childhood educators 
  • Student services staff 
  • Residence life staff 
  • Co-curricular program teachers 
  • Paraprofessional educators 
  • Professional development specialists 
  • Librarians and media specialists  
  • Curriculum specialists

Topics Covered 

ISNI will meet participants where they are on their journey and practice gender inclusivity, without judgment. Our colleagues at Welcoming Schools are recognized for helping educators understand the value of gender-inclusive learning environments for all students. The institute also recognizes the nature of gender and its intersections with power, identity, and other characteristics. 

Institute content will include: 

  • Intersectionality and how to use the concept as a framework to create school climates that are affirming and welcoming to students’ multiple identities such as race, ethnicity, gender, ability, faith, sexual orientation, family structure, etc. 
  • The impact of school policies and practices on students’ intersectional identities 
  • Managing questions from students and other constituents about the importance and value of welcoming all families in your school community 
  • How to create a developmental framework for creating a gender inclusive school 
  • Understanding gender and how to respond to challenging gender-related questions 
  • The critical need to create safe and supportive schools for transgender and nonbinary students, including policies and best practices to support them 
  • Fostering ally behavior among students, staff and other adults, and the critical need to understand how to proactively address biased behavior that can lead to bullying 
  • How to develop LGBTQ+ inclusive classrooms, including becoming familiar with LGBTQ+ terminology, ways to better answer questions from students and families related to LGBTQ+ topics 
  • Learn important school practices to create LGBTQ+ and gender-inclusive schools 
  • Practice how to seek teachable moments and respond to questions about LGBTQ+ and gender topics 

Registration Information

Registration for 2024 NAIS Inclusive Schools Network Institute is now closed. ISNI is a virtual program. A school can purchase up to five tickets.
Registration Pricing Early Bird Pricing
(Extended! Through 5/1)
Standard Pricing
(On or After 5/2)
Member price  $1,350 $1,550
Nonmember price* $1,850 $2,200

*Contact us for more information about the benefits of NAIS membership, including discounted event pricing.


ISNI will take place virtually. The 2024 cohort will convene Monday and Tuesday, June 10 and 11, and Thursday and Friday, June 13 and 14. Programming will take place from 12:00 PM ET to 3:00 PM ET each day. 

2024 Faculty 

  • Welcoming Schools Staff 
  • Megan Mann, general counsel and vice president, legal education and support, NAIS 
  • Caroline G. Blackwell, vice president, equity and justice, NAIS 
  • Tony Hernandez, project and training manager, equity and justice, NAIS 

Cancellation Policy 

Cancellations must be received in writing at [email protected]. Cancellations received up to 30 days (May 11) before the program's start date will be fully refunded, less a $75 administrative fee. Cancellations received fewer than 30 days before the program will not be refunded. 

Contact Information 

Please contact [email protected] or (202) 973-9700 with any questions.