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Put Your School on the Map with NAIS Market View

Market View will help your school stay ahead of trends in your market. Use data to improve your recruitment strategy, find prospective families, and better understand your community.

Explore Vital Trends With the NAIS Trendbook

Prepare for the uncertain road ahead by exploring issues that most affect independent schools, from the pandemic’s effect on consumer confidence to the need for edtech training. 

Deep Dive

Reimagine Tuition

What factors should you consider when setting tuition? Is your tuition strategy producing the desired goals? Reimagine Tuition, a series of resources from NAIS, will help you consider tuition in a new light.

Playlist: 2020-2021 DASL Data Entry Guide

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Additional Resources

Leading Through Financial Crisis: Lessons Learned

An upper school head reflects on the four key components of leadership during a crisis: two center on the needs of the community, and two speak to the needs of leaders themselves.

Cybersecurity in Independent Schools

In today's digital age, cybersecurity is a key to financial security. These resources will help your school assess where it stands and take steps to establish a cybersecure community.