SDLC Forms

Learn more about the SDLC registration process here. 

Please take note of these important forms that you will need to read/review and in some cases, sign, to complete SDLC registration. All of the forms below, with the exception of the Student Participant Handbook, must be uploaded before the conference. An upload link and the deadline for uploading will be provided later this year.
  • SDLC School Participation AgreementDownload PDF
    • This document outlines the legally binding agreement (terms and conditions) between NAIS and the school, and should be read thoroughly by the head of school prior to SDLC registration. You will click that you accept these terms once in the SDLC registration system, but the signed form is also required to be submitted.
  • SDLC Student/Family Agreement | Download PDF
    • This document serves as an acknowledgement that a student is participating in SDLC. It also acknowledges that the student and their guardian(s) have read and understand the Student Participant Handbook. This form will need to be signed by both the student and a parent or guardian.
  • SDLC Chaperone Agreement | Download PDF
    • This document serves as an acknowledgement that anyone serving as a chaperone during SDLC understands their responsibilities over the course of the conference. It also acknowledges that the chaperone has read the Student Participant Handbook.
  • Student Participant Handbook | Download PDF
    • This document outlines the rules and responsibilities that each participant should adhere to during the conference. Failure to abide by these rules could lead to immediate dismissal from SDLC. This document is for review only—students will sign the Student/Family Agreement form to acknowledge that they agree to follow this code of conduct.
  • Student Information Form | Download PDF
    • This form can be used for collecting registration information for each student participant. The information in this form will be used to assist schools with collecting information for the registration system.