Application Checklist

You’ve defined your ideal learning environment, used the NAIS School Search to find schools that fit your child’s needs, and visited schools to finalize your list. Now it’s time to apply.

If your family is new to independent schools, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the application process. There are several steps, and some have rigid deadlines. Just remember, the school’s admissions office is always happy to assist you.

Gather the documents you'll need to submit

  • Again, check each school’s requirements, but the typical application packet includes:
  • A completed application form, which you can download from the school website or request from the admissions office
  • Your child’s most recent, up-to-date academic transcript, with grades
  • Past standardized test results
  • Teacher recommendations
  • Results of a standardized admissions test and/or school-administered entrance exams
  • A formal interview with your child
Elementary schools often replace the interview with teacher observations of the child, school-administered group tests, or individual diagnostic tests, which provide a more useful measure of a younger child’s readiness, intelligence, and developmental abilities.

Depending on your child’s age and interests, some schools may also ask for:
  • Parent statements
  • Student writing samples
  • Student artwork/portfolios

Do not miss application deadlines

Create a calendar or use a checklist to track the various deadlines for each part of the application process at each school. If you miss a deadline, you will not be considered for admission in that round. (Some schools offer rolling admissions, which means they admit students throughout the year. Others will make you wait until next year.)