Signature Experience Preview: SEL That Sticks: Educating Hearts and Minds

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to social-emotional learning (SEL). Join this signature experience for a deep dive into the research behind the positive outcomes associated with authentic teaching of SEL skills. Participate in skill development through practices and collaborative experiences crafted to address self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making (the five core competencies). Outcomes of honing these skills include increases in academic performance, sustained healthy relationships and identity development, and emotional regulation. SEL can help address various systems and forms of inequity. It can prepare a school community to create change and sustainable practices for young people and adults in schools to feel a sense of belonging, develop interpersonal relationships that are balanced and fulfilling, wholly witness their career development, and engage fully as citizens of the world. 

Day 1 Session (Thursday, February 29): Beyond an Initiative: Practices, Frameworks, and Approaches for Sustainable and Equitable SEL

Join us in this creative, experiential workshop designed to inspire, empower, and nurture K-12 educators and leaders seeking to build and sustain a whole-community approach to SEL. The evidence-led content and experiences bring to life a simple framework of student SEL skills and mindsets. Model educator practices that activate SEL in all teaching and learning moments. Take away a range of tools and flexible curriculum materials that you can use to deepen the five SEL competencies. Also focus on the critical importance of adult SEL and well-being, along with the benefits of working to align school-wide systems and structures to supercharge a collective vision for SEL.
  • Presenters: Nick Haisman-Smith is the executive director and co-founder of The Institute for Social and Emotional Learning (IFSEL) and a doctoral researcher at the University of Bristol, focusing on social and emotional learning and educator well-being. IFSEL Co-Founder and Director Elizabeth McLeod leads IFSELā€™s Schools Program, which provides professional learning and consulting for schools and districts around the world. 

Day 2 Session (Friday, March 1): LiberatED: Including Liberatory Practices that Center Humanity in the Classroom

Reimagine social-emotional learning (SEL) so that it honors and facilitates identity-affirmation, advances social and racial justice, and promotes healing and liberation. Join this interactive session to co-create a deeper understanding of SEL and make meaning of how we can embed liberatory practices in our classrooms and schools. Explore ways to expand our understanding and practice beyond SEL competencies to include liberatory practices and mindsets that center humanity and the whole child in our classrooms.
  • Presenters: Miriam Miller is a learner, teacher-educator, researcher, and storyteller committed to working alongside educators to embed social and emotional learning, well-being, and racial justice into their practice. Aileen Mokuria is a passionate educator who has dedicated her life to co-creating communities with youth that are identity-affirming and support thriving. Both are facilitators and programming co-leads for LiberatED.