Signature Experience Preview: Embedding DEI: Moving Beyond Buzzwords to Restructure for Equity

In a reflection of the world at large, independent schools are coming to terms with continued practices of inequity and injustice. How can our schools move beyond diversity training and curriculum reviews to embedding supportive structures of belonging into every aspect of our organizations? Walk away from this signature experience with an understanding of how our schools can design and flex to accommodate diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and belonging (DEIJB) mindshifts. Examine the existing structures at your school and the challenges to dismantling them. Meet other educators and experts to give you perspective about ways you can change your thinking and doing on a structural level to enact real change.  

Day 1 Session (Thursday, February 29): Adopting and Implementing a Transformative Vision for Equity

In most schools, the equity challenge arises less from a lack of equity efforts than the tendency to adopt equity efforts that do not create more equity. Join us to explore what it means to embrace and implement a comprehensive, transformative approach to equity rooted in a deep commitment to real change. Learn and practice applying crucial transformative equity principles, trading equity baby steps for big equity leaps.
  • Presenter: Paul Gorski is the founder of the Equity Literacy Institute and EdChange. He has 25 years of experience helping educators, nonprofit workers, and others strengthen their equity efforts. 

Day 2 Session (Friday, March 1): Experience a Strategic Structure for Building DEIJB Principles in Schools

Join us for an introduction to the way schools can practically foster their inherent cultural diversity through practices like peacemaking circles. Acknowledging the prevailing inequalities and injustices, especially in independent schools, prompts the question of how institutions can progress beyond superficial diversity training and curriculum revisions. Gain experiential insight into the potential of such practices and the transformation you can instigate.
  • Presenters: Keiko Ozeki is a versatile organizational consultant, peacemaking circle keeper, and present-based coach. Specializing in transformative conversations, she facilitates healing and cultural change. E. Jabali Stewart brings a wealth of experience as a former independent school administrator, organizational consultant, leadership coach, public speaker, youth worker, and circle keeper.